Funny Sexism

Apparently sexism is funny

I liked this page as it seemed like it would be funny, and I like girls: I liked it right up until this morning when the above picture appeared. Now I don’t think the blantant sexism of this needs much explanation, i.e. the way to make something feminine is with a pink kithcen and vacuum cleaner thus tying femininty to domestic servitude. So far it seems, however, that people find this funny. Now unless the creators of the image have gone for sarcastic mocking of sexism, which I see no evidence of, there is no humor here.

The worry is that people finding this funny suggests that they hold and endorse (as opposed to to merely being aware of) the woman as domestic servant stereotype. The broader implications of this kind of sterotype are well known, unequal pay, distrust of female professionals even domestic violence.

Anyway if you are offended by this, as I am, you might consider hitting the report button.



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